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CS + BP10 on Access

HEADS-UP TO ALL COACHES USING BP10 (and CliftonStrengths)

A heads-up to all the coaches who were working with Gallup Access prior to the migration (and still are) or to the folks who are considering the upgraded version of Access

(if you do not have the upgraded version, everything is automatically put in the personal side and you don't have to worry about this post as you won't have these challenges)

I have all my codes under the business section (which from my understanding, is the Client side in Gallup speak) for both CS and BP10. I was trying to print my client's BP10 reports for an upcoming session and was unable to see their reports, although one had already expressed interest in discovering what Rainmaker means so I knew they had taken it. I reached out to Support to resolve the issue.

My heads-up is: if you are sharing your codes from the business side, you do not have automatic access to your client's reports.  Your client will have to go into their account and manually share them with you. This was a surprise to me as a coach who purchased and distributed the codes to my clients, like I had done about 50 times in the last 9 months. I have been informed that unless the codes are distributed from the personal side, the business-side folks do not have automatic access.

Your clients will actually have to take the additional step of logging into their account and sharing their results with you through the Community tab - not always as easy as it sounds from my experience.

Also another heads-up: if your client already has a Gallup Access account and you send them a BP10 code, they will not receive an email invitation with a link if you are sharing the code from a business account. The codes are automatically applied to the account (direct-apply). So you will have to contact them, have them login to their account and there will be a button at the top that says: You are invited. And, in your code management and in a scenario where you might want to retract a code, you have to call Support to have them manually retract it.

Hope this post might help others avoid any challenges because if your clients are like mine, they want to greatest window to take their assessments and then wait until the last minute to complete them (3 days in advance in my case) and if you cannot retrieve their reports, well, it makes it a challenging.




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