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What You’ll Get

This package offers 4 key elements to leading a life focused on your talents:

1) Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment - this is how you filter the world and how to best organize it

2) Builder Profile 10 (BP10) - this allows you to understand to order that your talents to build, explore your dominant role, and discover some actions to help you build economic momentum for your company, your organization, your department or your program

3) Intensity Graph - uncover the ease with which you are naturally wired to create an economic impact. Most of the population is not naturally wired to create this type of impact and their talents lie in other areas - how easy will it be for you?

4) 30-minute unpacking session with a Gallup-certified coach (phone or video). 


There is no better way to find out how you build, where to focus your attention and if you should be leading development projects, such starting a business, opening a new location or launching a new program. 


IMPORTANT: Codes and assessment instructions will be sent via email within three (3) to twenty-four (24) hours after you purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


* Prices shown are in US dollars. 

Individual | Release your talents

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