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We are hiring

We are having more and more opportunities to impact individuals and teams. We are inspiring people to focus on the good in them. And we need help to make sure we maintain the quality and the level of service we have always offered.

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Our environment


We help people develop. It's also part of your job. The more you know yourself, the better you can be at work.


We support and encourage a person's growth, both personally and professionally.


We transform the lives and the workplaces of our clients. We do the same for our team.


We all have our own work, but our strength comes from team work.

Fit is key for us

Before anything, we (and you) need to know if you will function and enjoy our company.

We don't do and act like most jobs.


So if you are truly ready for something different,

reach out to start the conversation!

Our hiring policies

We look more for fit, abilities and competencies - less for the education.

We look forward and recruit for diversity (age, race, culture, language, belief, experience, and more).

We welcome and include everyone. The more we are different, the greater the impact we can have.

Thinking of becoming a coach or a course leader?

Our company is growing are we are always looking for like-minded coaches and course leaders to join our team.


If you are a good fit for our culture, and you are passionate about Strengths and their power to change the world, let's have a conversation. 

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