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Looking for more than just a paycheck?  

Most job sites, programs and tools focus on finding a job/paycheck but in reality, people want to have work that has an impact and also meets their needs and aspirations. We created a program that helps people better understand who they are, what they want and help them find the right position to support their professional and personal goals.  

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I don't just want to look for a job, but find something that is right long-term.
I want a new career.

If you want more than just a job that pays the bills, you are looking for something that will allow you to have work satisfaction, have an impact and to allow you to grow, you need to think career. Finding something new does not mean you have to give up on finding something good or long-lasting.


The Workplace Preparation Program will guide your understanding of what you are looking for and how your strengths, competencies, and experiences help you have the impact you desire.

Re-exploring the job market, where do I start?

Does this sound familiar?

  • I have an old resume.

  • I have just applied internally - what should I be doing for other companies?

  • What do I need to do to make my cover letter and resume ready to use?

  • How do I make my strengths, competencies and experience shine?

  • How do I show what my impact on a team and the organization will be for the potential employer?


The process of searching for a new position has changed so much. Where to start and where to focus feel like daunting tasks. If you are wondering what is your next step, let us help.

Get the career help that goes beyond applying and interviewing and select your program. 

I want a new job. With all the competition, how do I make myself stand out?


With the ever-changing work environments, you are likely finding that there are lots of people in the same position and with similar competencies, experience and training. You need to know how to stand out and sell yourself so you can launch your new career. 

The Workplace Preparation Program will help you focus on what you are truly looking for, today and for your next career. The program will also help you stand out by understanding how you will best contribute, how to present yourself, and how to use your strengths to make an impact. Select your program to unlock how to present yourself so employers can understand how you can make a difference. 

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I want to find the right position, not just any position. I want to build a career and find success.

Go beyond the job description, title and salary and find the right position for you. Understand your strengths, set strong foundations and reduce gaps in new employment realities to increase the successful launch of your new career.