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The Strengths Performance Centre created a partnership with Bonnie Oakes Charron in order to introduce and integrate strengths-based development in the practice of governance. Combining the expertise, knowledge, experience and skill of Bonnie, SPC is offering strengths-based workshops targeted to governance professionals, their teams and their boards.


To excel, governance professionals need to master both the expected and unpredictable aspects of their work. There are many key relationships to build, moving parts to coordinate, deliverables to meet, and people to influence. These workshops and programs will give participants the opportunity to discover their distinctive combination of talents that can make them truly powerful in their roles as governance professionals.


Learn how to apply your natural talents to help you develop a confident presence – regardless of circumstances or conditions that may arise in the workplace.     


The positive psychology program is based on Gallup’s Strengths-based Development. The workshop will be divided into two components, first understanding talents and how they are present in each participant. Then, focusing on their practical application in the various roles and responsibilities of a governance professional. 


Explore how an individual’s Strengths Profile can be applied to a variety of corporate secretarial functions: compliance, maintenance of governance framework, communicating and relationship-building with directors, executives, and other stakeholders, ethics, and managing the annual cycle of meetings.

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