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About us

Our history

CliftonStrengths first, at the heart of all of the programs:  Established in 2016 by Gallup-certified coach Antoine Carrière, the Strengths Performance Centre helps people discover and use their talents using the CliftonStrengths (formerly known as StrengthsFinder) assessment. The aim is to help everyone achieve excellence and to focus on was is most natural to them so that they can be satisfied at work, attaining their desired meaning and impact.

2018 trained in the Gallup methodology: Antoine was part of a small cohort of certified coaches who participated in a train-the-trainer program which allowed him to understand and integrate Gallup's course delivery approach and methodology.

Fun Fact: Antoine remains one of the few (independent external to Gallup) coaches to have received this training.  

2019 launches the correct terminology in French: We are proud to have been able to support the final review of Gallup's release of coaching tools and activities in French. Antoine is used to operating in a minority language situation (in his case, French in a predominantly English community) and understands the importance of having tools in one's language. This new terminology and tools were quickly adopted by our center, becoming the first external center to deliver CliftonStrengths in French using the Gallup-approved terminology.

2019 also launched  our global strengths outreach: Globally, for strengths-based development, the center works only with certified, qualified and competent coaches who are also strong champions of CliftonStrengths, offering programs to help clients integrate the strengths approach into their current approaches. The predominant global outreach has remained West Africa, French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean. 

In 2024, the centre broadened its scope: The center is still founded on strengths-based development, but have moved beyond to merge all of the divisions of GABCM Inc. into this single entity - most of the divisions are now programs of SPC. 

How we help our clients

We are building a center that offers programs for individuals, leaders and teams to increase their happiness, performance and engagement at work. 


Teams are looking for ways to be able to work better together, in a way that allows everybody to be at their best. Teams want to be part of something that is productive, performing and impactful all while giving them energy, engagement, and fulfillment. Teams are looking for ways to better talk and communicate with their colleagues to increase understanding and decrease tension, misunderstanding and conflict. 


Leaders of people are looking for opportunities to understand the people who report to them, to better communicate with them and to better support them. Successful managers are continuously exploring means to allow for individuality, to help their team be happier in their work environment, and ultimately, have a performing team that is more engaged. 


Individuals are looking for an opportunity to bring their best selves to what they're doing. They want to be able to have that impact, to that the work they are doing actually has meaning. Individuals no longer want to just go through the motions, but want satisfaction in their work ‚Äď some would even say love their work.¬†¬†


This is what the center provides: a pathway and tools to guide people so that they can focus on executing and benefiting from their talents, strengths, their self-awareness. Our belief is that we are born to achieve excellence, and we just have to discover and choose the path that will allow us to full attain our greatest potential. 

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Antoine B. Carrière

Team Cohesion
Managers + Leaders
Finding Career Fit

Principal strengths course leader
Principal strengths coach


Known for his transformative discussions that fosters personal growth and sets the path to professional success, happiness and peace of mind, Antoine ignites a quest for success in the people he works with. His unique talents and broad experience allow him to challenge conventional thinking and stimulate progress. Emotion-based discussions, talent-based coaching, and positive psychology strengthens Antoine's approach. He is a Love+Work Leader, CliftonStrengths coach + Course Leader, and Builder Profile coach with degrees in Psychology, Interpersonal Communication, Third-party Neutral Conflict Resolution and Business Administration.



Quickly see the best of options through brainstorming to get better results

RELATOR: The more you know someone and be honest about yourself, the better the relationship
STRATEGIC: Possibilities create original approaches that challenge the status quo and springboard others
MAXIMIZER: Focus on the greatest potential where there is talent through cooperation and positive thinking
ACHIEVER: Find as many opportunities to focus on what I do best - the more you know me, the more you get
ARRANGER: Best work is with others who are go-getters to discuss possibilities and large impact

Visit Antoine's page on Gallup's official directory of certified coaches.

Colleen Conway-Nobert

Finding Career Fit
Workshop Leader


Colleen is the career specialist. She brings 20 years of experience teaching and coaching students, as they learn to make the transition into adult life and employment. She brings her vast experience with the realities and expectations of employment, exploration of personal strengths and pathways to professional success.

As an experienced Career & Life Coach, Course Leader, and Finding Career Fit‚ĄĘ Coach,¬†Colleen is dedicated to helping individuals navigate a transformative journey of self-discovery.¬†Her goal is to assist¬†clients in identifying, understanding, and leveraging their unique skills, competencies, and experiences.

Colleen has a strong belief in helping clients discover, comprehend, and utilize their natural and existing abilities. By connecting these strengths with possible career options,¬†she guides¬†individuals¬†in creating the path that will take them to Finding Career Fit‚ĄĘ.¬†

At the heart of her approach is the establishment of a supportive atmosphere that inspires clients to explore different career paths and develop strategies that align with their goals and values. 



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Visit Collen's LinkedIn page.


James Kolawole Ladipo 

West Africa
Immigrants and Refugees
Small and Medium Business


James is the first triple Gallup Qualified Coach in Nigeria and the West African coast. He regularly coaches ambitious individuals, teams and organisations with his creative tools, resources and techniques. His experience spans a range of sectors including, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality Industry, Educational Institutions, Oil and Gas Sector, and Technology Companies.

James brings to bear a wealth of knowledge and expertise of over 20 years in business at various levels through finance & accounting, sales & marketing, information technology and human resources. He understands the critical need for individuals and businesses not only to grow professionally but more importantly, to deliver better value and create sustainability.

As a Gallup Certified Strength Coach, James is excellence-driven and regularly partners organisations to implement a strength-based culture in the workplace, as well as guiding entrepreneurs to build successful and sustainable businesses. 

Visit James' LinkedIn page.