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Individuals who are taking handwritten notes to improve their learning

The Importance of Taking Handwritten Notes

personal development professsional development Sep 15, 2022

Love the article Best Ways and the recommendations that it made in terms of helping people take good handwritten notes. A good read of approaches and techniques to help be successful. I like the mind mapping approach myself as I am a visual person and love to create circles, boxes, arrows, etc to help set the flow of information and learning.

Also really liked the information shared in 3 Reasons as it helps to share the importance of handwritten notes.

Both led me to the Why this is so important to university/college students, employees, and adults?

Help individuals retain greater information through the organization of info & kinetic movement.

It’s been demonstrated that adults a.k.a. people 18 or older, retain 40% more information when they add kinetic movement to their learning. The average person cannot take note of all that is said, therefore you must already start to listen, synthesize and summarize what you are hearing. You must also be able to organize it in order to be able to reread it and understand what was written - frustrating when you look back and certain info is lost.


But why do most favor taking notes on a laptop/tablet? Most probably as it is easier to retype verbatim while sitting in class or in a meeting with an open laptop. The reason? Typing is actually considered a mechanical movement that requires very little thought behind it once somebody becomes a great typist (there is a reason that stenographers can take notes down word for word, but often cannot repeat or recount the details of a day).

Yes, typing allows you to take more notes and it’s easier to do, but it also means that you retain less of the information. You are going through the motions, not integrating what you are hearing.


This is why in our workshops, I continuously encourage people to take handwritten notes in order for them to better understand and retain the information we share during our workshop.

Take notes your way to get the most out of your learning and from your meetings.

Personally, I took so many different types of notes, from client meeting notes, coaching notes, business development ideas, inquiries, multiple businesses to my to-do lists, that I am now doing digital notes. This allows me to access all of the different notes, avoid having multiple notebooks and all my different notes in one area


In the comments, let us know how you take your notes and if you try to compare taking notes on a computer versus taking handwritten notes.



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