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98% of people around the world want what they do to have meaning and impact.
For that reason, we help you discover yourself, your strengths and find your pathway to success, happiness and peace of mind.

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Increase self-awareness

Compress years of work and exploration into a few hours. Unlock the power of 50 years of research and development. 

Fast-track your discovery

Focus on your strengths

You are at the center of all your successes. Discover and focus on who you are, what is most natural, and where you are most impactful. 

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Challenge your status quo

Understanding where you are at today will enlighten your future. Having certainty in what you are doing now will allow you to move forward with confidence. 

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Work-life balance is about committing the same intensity, engagement, energy and development from work to every aspect of your life - not an equal amount of time.

- Antoine B. Carrière

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Build on your strengths

Are you looking for a way that allows you to be you?
Find out how you are naturally talented, where you have strengths, what you bring to the table and how you can combine all of this for you to succeed and excel. 

Unlock your strengths

Entrepreneur: explore and build

Should you take the leap and become an entrepreneur?
Is this the right choice for you?
Do you have the capabilities to succeed? And your team?
Are you building on the right foundations for a sustainable venture?
Explore these questions and more. 

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Explore your status quo

Are your current realities the right ones for you, for right now?
Most people would describe their life as fine. Yet, they face challenges like anxiety, depression, quiet quitting, going through the motions, and more. Challenge your status quo to have confidence in your choices.

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Finding Career Fit

Is it time to find a position that you actually want to go to, and want stay in?
Everyone should find something they want to do instead of just looking for a job they can do - this unlocks workplace satisfaction. It's time to change the way we look for and choose our work.

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As a society, we need to stop aiming for mediocre, or "OK". Everyone needs to strive for excellence, no matter their definition of it. This is especially true at work.

- Antoine B. Carrière

Our featured progams

Finding Career Fit brand identity

Everyone should find something they want to do instead of just looking for a job they can do - this unlocks workplace satisfaction.

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Helping people to choose to become an entrepreneur: 
to understand the mindset and what it takes, to choose the entrepreneur way of life, and to live your dream and achieve success.

Discover more

Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses become experts in a crucial area of business sustainability and growth:  their clients. 

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An immersive week-long retreat free from the daily demands and distractions that often sidetrack us. It’s an opportunity to dive deep, gain clarity, and make the right choices for your entrepreneurial journey.

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Our approaches

Strengths-based approach

A development approach that focuses on what is natural in a person, what is innate in a person, how a person sees, perceives and acts within the world, and where people have their greatest potential for excellence. 


The impact?

There is a shift away from what is missing and a weakness, we help you look at what is good, what is powerful, and what is energizing and motivating within you. We offer an approach that allows you to grow and move beyond having success to achieving impact and excellence in your lives. It allows you not only to see but also to celebrate what is positive and impactful in yourself and in others. 

Challenging and transformative conversations

An approach to help individuals and groups move beyond what they know best in order to help them explore what is. It is important to be open to growth and explore other options in order to truly have peace of mind in their decisions. 


The impact?

Too often, people go through the motions without really considering the greater impacts. They seek safety and security and are often scared of potential new outcomes. Yet, if you want to bring new mindsets, approaches, and ways of being into your life, you need to disrupt, question, and challenge the status quo to ensure that it is, in fact, the correct choice.

Changing how we approach entrepreneurship

An approach that puts the person at the centre of the entrepreneurship equation. From the entrepreneur who is exploring a launch, to their team and to the ideal clients, focusing on the motivation and the purpose. The approach aims to not only focus on innovation, pitch and market scope and to go beyond the vast number of data points. 


The impact?

By introducing new steps to the stages of idea to operation of a new business, we are helping you to launch a business with all the facts, reduce your chances of failure and help you set the mindset for a successful integration to the entrepreneur lifestyle.

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Esther | Calgary

"I really had to dig deep. I got to know myself. I asked questions that pushed me to think more than what was just in front of me. The support and the guidance really allowed me to decide that I did not actually want to be the business owner - I wanted to be part of something new and cool."

Susan | Ottawa

"Antoine helped me gain clarity every time I worked with him. He has so much information to share, so many stories and such great ideas. I could not have done this alone."

Julie-Anne, Executive

"Antoine's kindness and generosity put me at ease, creating a safe space to engage in deep development. This collaboration has been a source of inspiration and significant growth, both personally and professionally. Antoine has helped me become aware of my impact and celebrate my contributions, while helping me to be more attentive to my strengths and talents in order to exploit them to the fullest. His ability to listen and share, his creativity and versatility enable him to support his clients with agility in different spheres of growth."

Stop staring.
Stop comparing.
Stop complaining.
And start watering the grass you are standing on. 

- Angel Chernoff