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Choosing Entrepreneurship

More than a job, it's a way of life.  

Helping aspiring and questioning entrepreneurs determine if they truly want to live and commit to the entrepreneur lifestyle.

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Entrepreneur Profile

Putting the person at the center. 

Helping the entrepreneurs and the founders gain greater self-awareness and showcase how they will ensure their new company will succeed.

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Human Capacity

Ensuring every new member will also help grow the business.

Helping entrepreneurs and startups have a strategy to grow the business, not just develop the product/service.

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Human-side of Clients

Going beyond the data. 

Helping entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses build profitable companies by understanding how to define, find, and attract their clients.

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Develop your Entrepreneur Profile

Develop your Entrepreneur Profile to determine your contribution to the business

Builder Profile 10 (BP10)

Discover your Builder Profile (BP10) to understand your personal builder capabilities

From idea to launch for new business

Develop the foundation for any business startup

Hyperion Entrepreneur Retreat

Explore the Hyperion Entrepreneur Retreat and action coaching

Small business centers and Entrepreneurship Centres

Bring the mindset, reflection and conversation to your aspiring entrepreneur community


Explore the realities of becoming an entrepreneur

Understand the impact starting a business will have on you

Unlock all you have to offer to ensure the success of your business

We understand that the thought of starting your own business leads to mixed emotions. Stop feeling stuck and find your solution to unlocking a better work-life. We will help you examine your current state, explore all your options, and give you the confidence to make the right decision about becoming an entrepreneur. 

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Traditional business skills may be important for managing an existing business, yet they often inhibit the entrepreneurial procress.

Gary Schoeniger

The entrepreneur is at the center of their business success

The founder, the creator, the visionary behind a business is a primary key to its success. Understanding who you are and exploring your natural capabilities to create, launch and grow a business is essential information that will guide most of your business decisions. Make sure that you build something that allows you, the entrepreneur, to be at your best. 

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Innovation is important, yet some of the most successful companies were not the most innovative ‚Äď they were led by builders. Take the Builder Profile 10, also known as BP10¬†assessment to discover how natural it will be for you to build.

You can also request your Builder Intesity Graph to explore if you are like the most successful entrepreneurs who generated multi-million dollar companies with hundreds of employees.

Discover your Builder Profile (BP10)

Who Are My Clients? 

How can I get them to buy from me? This book, written by the Entrepreneur Lifestyle co-founder Antoine, explores the second key to success: how to build a profitable company by understanding how to define, find, and attract clients. 

(the first key is: being to understand the entrepreneur way of life)

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The getaway you need to decide if entrepreneurship is right for you. You've been thinking about starting a business for a while. You want something more, something better, a change that gives you more control over your work and life. Still, you haven't moved forward. This is your opportunity to put aside the daily demands and take the time to reflect, explore, discuss, choose and set a path forward.

Discover the Hyperion Retreat

Moving from an idea to actually launching your business

Trying to understand what you need to do to go from an idea to actually running a business is daunting. Navigating all of the information, the blogs, vlogs, podcasts, books, systems and all of the other sources of information available is overwhelming. Let us help you refine the process to understand the new mindset, know what you need to be exploring and share some tools to help you be successful.

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What clients are saying ...

Derek | Edmonton

"Love the passion that he brings to the workshop. Now, I am confident that I have to try starting a business. I know what I have to do. So much to think about. "

Abdi Karim | Hamilton

"All the points you raised are impactful to help be build my business. The more I talked with you, the more I learned. You are very knowledgeable and it shows you love what you're doing."

Susan | Ottawa

"Antoine helped me gain clarity every time I worked with him. He has so much information to share, so many stories and such great ideas. I could not have done this alone."

Esther | Calgary

"I really had to dig deep. I got to know myself. I asked questions that pushed me to think more than what was just in front of me. The support and the guidance really allowed me to decide that I did not actually want to be the business owner - I wanted to be part of something new and cool."

Kris | Rockland

"What a great reality check! All of the videos, programs, and articles make it sound like it is so easy to be in business. And I now realize that although it can be, there are so many other things that I need to think about. It's made me rethink if I really want to do this. Thanks again."

Adam | Ottawa

"I am so thankful that I was able to go through the process and answer all the questions. As I did, I realized I did not want to start or own a business. And all the info will be super useful for me to continue my job-hunting!"

If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time. 

Steve Jobs

We work with entrepreneur specialists around the world

Growing an impactful global community of entrepreneurs together


Tired of using your resources to help create businesses that never launch or quickly fail? Let's partner to change the conversation, identify the entrepreneurs who will achieve the greatest success, and reduce the impact of business deaths on the economy.


Unsure when to recommend entrepreneurship as a career path? Learn which questions to ask and what assessments to use to steer your clients towards the lifestyle that will be most fulfilling.


Wondering why some of your clients aren't making progress, even though they have great business plans? We will teach you how to put the person back at the center of the conversations so your clients can find more success.

Working with aspiring entrepreneurs? Let's talk.
Redefining the entrepreneurial path by adding 2 new steps: choice and foundation

Refining how we view the steps to start-up 

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle program is changing the way that entrepreneurship is introduced and viewed. We are presenting two new revolutionary concepts to the approach: CHOICE and FOUNDATION. We are focused on helping people understand the mindset, choose the culture, and live the lifestyle by providing the realities of being an entrepreneur.